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Francesco Redi
Senior Architect


Matteo Soccio
Senior Architect
Alessio Carlozzi
Senior Architect
Paola Venturin


The professional activity of the architect Francesco Redi begins, de facto, in 1998, combining own activities with various consulting for major professional studies in Rome. In 2004 he opened the first site of his personal Studio, in Rome, in the District "Monteverde Nuovo", where he remained until 2010. During this period, the study is concerned, primarily, about structural engineering, executive design and construction managment, both for public and private clients. Since 2010 Studio Redi moved in the historic center of Rome, where activities extend to the total planning, treating both new construction and recovery of the pre-existing housing.


Summary architectural design

Executional architectural design

Interior design

Construction managment

Economic estimations

Housings practices

Land registry practices



Conservative restoration of listed buildings

Static consolidation

Practices at the superintendents



Structural engineering

Executional projects

Construction managment

Economic estimations

construction site engineering

Static tests



Health authorizations

Coordination in planning and execution for security

Fire prevention projects

Practices for trade sector

Practices for the receptive


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