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1994 - 2004, ten years of real experience in training and work, first with Luigi Pellegrin, then with Antonio Michetti. 10 Years in the two studies in Rome, one of Architecture and one of Building Engineering, where work and sweat represent the substance of the daily wages. But not only this. Pellegrin and Michetti next to their prolific professional life, combine considerable theoretical activity and research. All those who are inside of their studies, participate and absorb this vibrant culture. Between them there is Soleri, with whom we try to create a piece of "arcology", there, in Arizona. The synthesis of the experiences in the three fields, that of Modern Architecture, that of Structural Engineering and that of Visionary Utopia, are the foundations of Studio Redi.


Paolo Soleri


Luigi Pellegrin


Antonio Michetti

 Luigi Pellegrin nel laboratorio di via dei Lucchesi, 1997

Paolo Soleri, Arcosanti / Arizona

A. Michetti nel cantiere della chiesa del Giubileo, 2001

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